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Saturday, November 8, 2013.

Family, Friends Avoid Movida Boss, Akeem Shodehinde Over 'Erratic & Abusive Behaviour'! he is fast becoming an outcast.

Night club king, Akeem Shodehinde is fast losing his family members - and his friends too.

Information sourced by attribute this development to 'erratic and abusive behaviour' of the once upon definition of success in his sphere of operation.

According to a deep source ' Mr Shodehinde is now given to abusive actions'

Sources confirmed he has had frivolous reasons to go physical with aides- and family members as well.

Investigations revealed he had all his key lieutenants are fast gone.

Even his brother, Dele who braved all odds to ferry him abroad- India - for treatment of his point of death illness is said to have hands of the situation.

Akeem Shodehinde

Before he took the stance of distance from issues pertaining to his elder brother- sources confirmed Dele had a rapport changing open confrontation with Akeem over his life excesses.

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Further digs revealed Tonye, his cousin and main administrator of his night club business, Movida has also taken a walk.

Tonye's departure and withdrawal of expertise is said to be a big leap towards the recent closure of the all night business place.

Equally declared as maintaining an arm long separation is his sister, Bola confirmed to be highly emotional about the well being of her brother.

Included in the lists are life long loyalists such as Yusuf, Olu, Usman, Yemi and Bella.

These individuals formed the bedrock of Shodehinde's successful spells in the night club world - after hardcore loyalist and good friend, Frank 'Papas' Okamigbo went solo to establish a name for himself.

His establishment, Clubs Papas At The Place, Lekki is currently the reference point on how to lead the pack in the night life business.

But for 'rebounced' back Shodehinde things appear to be spiralling out of control.

Insiders revealed he suffers not just from growing distances from family members and lieutenants - friends are said to be giving a berth as well.

Insiders confirmed unlike before when his entrance into venues draws attention - and people vacate seats to accommodate him. The reverse is described as the case.

' It has become a common sight to see general alone at club entrances, drinking alone' a source claim to

General is the appellation the street donned on Shodehinde for his legendary exploits in the night club business. The full title is 'The General...general of the night life'.

According to another witness ' at times he seats alone, his head bent with the appearance of the abandoned or dejected in deep thought'

Search lights into his innermost affairs revealed a troubled relapse of his health.

His return to forbidden leisures are said to have sparked a ferocious return of his ill health.

And the damage being done by abusive pleasures -he still ironically clings to- are said to taking their toll psychologically.

According to a source ' the situation is such that he now occupies.
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