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Wednesday, December 3, 2014.

Extraordinarily Wealthy PPMC Boss, Haruna Momoh Moves To Evade Growing Attention On Extravagant Life Style In Face Of Increase Agitation For Removal.

Extraordinarily wealthy Managing Director of Pipelines and Products Marketing Company, Prince Haruna Momoh wants to deflect attention from his life style of breath taking comfort.


And insiders attribute this development to constant calls for his sack as the helms man of the the subsidiary of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation.


The man said to take shine in the ‘finest luxury money can buy’ faces increasing calls for his removal from different sides.


The most ferocious is comes from ex militants under the banner, Phase 11 Generals.


The group led by ‘General’ Okunbiri J, widely known as ‘Forest Dog’ accuses the PPMC front man of ‘short changing Nigerians of regular and adequate supply of Petroleum

Haruna Momoh PPMC

products across the country’.

The Petroleum industry has proven the path to gargantuan wealth and dwarfing successes, especially through under the table deals – anti corruption agencies still at a loss to contain the scourge – over the years.


The ‘Generals’ publicly charged the PPMC boss of ‘inefficiency’ brought about by ‘undeserved promotion in the PPMC’ in an open statement.


Sources confirmed the allegation has paved way for influx of related charges and pressure from different quarters for his removal.


Further digs revealed the embattled PPMC helmsman disclosed to have built an army of friends and loyalists with Kerosene and many other deals is not taking the fight laying low.


He said to be fighting hard to retain his source of immense wealth position by leveraging on contacts and influence to starve off attacks, going as far as taking the offensive as well.


His loyalist had gone to town with accusations that calls for his sack are ‘ self serving and unpatriotic’ alleging ‘ diversion, hoarding and illegal movement’ of products to sabotage him.


Findings revealed to live up the enemies at work theory, the PPMC Boss identified as very at ease with high end designer suits and frequent shopper at Saville row (London) is currently engaged in moves to evade growing attention.


The individual described as a down to earth family man but attracts endless stream of ‘finest species of women folks ranging from Blacks, Blondes, to Brunettes, Orientals and Occidentals is said to have become more discreet with his moves.


According to an insider ‘Momoh is trying hard to live down his lifestyle of uncommon comfort and luxury...he is striving not to give callers of his sack more ammunitions to bury him’.
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