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Sunday, November 30, 2014.

Ex Ogun State House Of Assembly Member Seeking To Upgrade To The Federal House Of Representatives, Leye Odunjo Has Borough Underground.

Information available indicates this development the fallout of talks of attack on his person.


Mr Odunjo is seeking to represent the people of  Ado Odo/ Ota federal constituency.


After a stint in the State House of Assemble fraught with many political battles, and limited impact on his people, Odunjo is said to have been threatened to abandon his House of Representatives aspirations in favour of another individual by ‘some political players’ in his area.


He is said to have refused- and carried on with his latest political mission.

Leye Odunjo

He was said to have taken the precaution of abandoning his home – he is said to have since ferried his wife and children to the United States of America as a state legislator – and opted for erratic stay at hotels.


‘But he was visible in his campaign moves’ a source confirmed.


However fresh information revealed all that has changed. He was reportedly attacked on his way for a quick dash home in the tail end of last week- but escaped with limited injury a source claimed.


This development is said to have changed the equation for him as he has underground for a better understanding of the ways of the forces against him- and how to ensure his survival in the face of growing adversity.
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