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Wednesday, November 12, 2013.

Ex Bank Boss, John Darlington Quietly Returning To Reckoning Amongst Rich List
...why he is taking extra care not to become in your face celebrity again.

Out of circulation former bank boss, John Darlington is quietly staging a comeback among the rich list.


The ex helms man of out of operation financial institution, Bond Bank currently occupies the position of Deputy Managing Director of  electricity outfit, Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company – IEDC.


This development is said to have provided status and position he is currently leveraging on to reckoning amongst the rich list.


Investigations by revealed Darlington is the face of the investment team that hold sway at the electricity company led by mega wealth, Tunde Ayeni.


Information available to revealed the former bank boss is cresting on

John Darlington

the influence of his backers, with his official title as banner to former footing.


Before he ran into troubled waters with  Bond bank in 2005 over financial irregularities that involved booted out Inspector General of Police, Tafa Balogun- Darlington was an integral part of the rich list.

He was the definition of wealth and status and lovable celebrity reportage.


But he was toppled off his high esteem with arrest and detention over concealment and conversion of N1.6 billion proceeds of illegal earnings belonging to Mr Balogun- that was traced to him and his financial institution.


The former bank boss was arrested on his way from London by agents of anti corruption agency, Economic and Financial Crimes Commission  (E.F.C.C) at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport Lagos.


He lost properties, related accumulated wealth and social standing and friends in the ripple effects of the development.


He immediately went off the scene when he managed to untangle himself from the clutches of the authorities.


Fresh information however revealed he is quietly staging a comeback with his new position and growing influence.


Said to spend a larger part of his time in Ibadan, Oyo state – his official operational base -, sources confirmed he usually spends the weekend in Lagos and Abuja, especially playing host to growing friends or visiting as part of his re integration into the rich list crowd.


Further revelations to however revealed though keen on regaining his former status, the former banker is careful of the crowd he cultivates.


According to a source ' he appears to be extra careful at avoiding the flashy and flamboyantly wealthy and any other type that might dredge up the past or create similar pit fall'

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