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Wednesday, December 24, 2014.

Ex Bank Boss, Alex Otti's Gubernatorial Ambition In Crisis. in fighting buffets his party over emergence of 'new' candidate.

The Gubernatorial ambition of former bank boss, Alex Otti is in crisis.


Barely weeks after he crossed from the People’s Democratic Party to become the Gubernatorial flag bearer of All Progressives Grand Alliance, a new candidate has emerged within the party to claiming to have the same mandate.


The challenger claiming to be better qualified is Chief Reagan Ufomba.


He is described as ‘a long time Abia state APGA member’ – while the former Diamond Bank helmsman still carry the emblem ‘new comer’.


Sources confirmed Ufomba emergence has polarised the party structure in the state.


Alex Otti who enjoys the support of the national leader of the party, Victor Umeh is said to retain the support of the loyalists of 

his backer and those who believe in him

Alex Otti

– while Ufomba holds sway over the faction he had cultivated overtime in his bid to achieve his gubernatorial interest.

Information available to revealed that Ufomba had expressed interest and worked towards becoming APGA’s gubernatorial candidate before the former Diamond bank front man was given the ticket on defecting from the PDP.


‘Ufomba was made to step down and promised compensation reasons that the President through the First Lady, Dam Patience backs the candidature of Otti...that Federal patronage would help him secure the state’s number one seat, he just needed a platform to operate on...this was when Governor Orji made his emergence as PDP candidate impossible’ a source disclosed.


Sources further revealed Ufomba agreed to step down then and opted to support Otti’s ambition.


Insiders however revealed the man who agreed to step down turned challenger based on fresh information that ‘arrangement between Otti and the First Lady has changed....that the President has pledged to support the PDP governors and their candidates in exchange for ensuing his (Goodlcuk Jonathan’s) return to office’.


According to a source this revelation effectively puts Otti on his own, and Ufomba decided to have a go at making his own fortune that relying on the antics of another person, particularly a political player that appears new to the game.


Unconfirmed sources alleged elements within rival party in charge of the state, People’s Democratic Party are equally funding the discord within APGA.


The move is labelled aimed at fragmenting the political party’s support base.


‘which is what is happening right now...the party is factionalised in the state, some want Otii while others want Ufomba’ a source divulged.


Added information has it that with this development comes overtures to members of the in the throes of crisis political party to come join others, especially the PDP.


Putting together the pieces of the unravelling development and what it portends for the gubernatorial ambition of the man who resigned from position of Bank Managing Director for politics – a keen observer stated ‘this simple means the ambition of Otti is in crisis


‘Even if he still retains the confidence of the President via the first lady’s endorsement and holds on to APGA mandate as flagbearer....he needs a political party with a strong support base...that is what he is losing, the foundation to win an election!’

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