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Monday, November 10, 2013.

Embattled Discovery Airline Boss, Tunde Babalola Moves To Contain Talks Of Grave Financial Situation That Resulted In Resignation Of 7 Pilots, Grumblings Of Unpaid Staffers!

Tunde Babalola, the Chief Executive Officer of aviation outfit, Discovery Air has finally made a move for it.


To contain talks of grave financial situation speedily crippling the operations of the organisation incorporated in 2008.


Insiders confirmed to that Mr Babalola has held a damage control meeting a few of his handlers and it is resolved that, steps to quietly contain and ultimately resolve the situation be 

implemented as soon as possible.

Tunde Babalola

Though sources shy from details of attempts to contain the image denting situation, it is revealed that Babalola is currently seeking credit facilities to infuse fresh capital into his organisation - and reverse the spiralling financial difficulties.


It is further revealed that growing public exposures of effects of his troubled finances within his Discovery Air is hampering attempts at raising funds to correct the situation.


Reports perused by have it that 7 (seven) pilots of Discovery Air resigned at a go, over allegations of unpaid salaries and allowances.


The aircraft flyers were reportedly owed some 5 (five) months renumerations.


Crew members and other workers still clinging to their jobs are said to be suffering similar fates. ( though severity of backlogs are said to differ).


Insider further alleged the situation is such that grumblings over the management’s insensitivity to workers plight have become the order of the day – general attitude that of people holding on to employment for the sake of it.

Further claims in the reports have it that as important as work ethics- and workers attitude are, Babalola is contending with bigger challenges.


His company’s precarious financial situation is said to have forced him flouting regulations of industry regulators, Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority – and by extension globally recognised safety measures.


There are allegations insufficient funding is

Tunde Babalola
forcing the airline to delay weekly payment of insurance charges. And delay in flight schedules due to constraints in payment for aviation fuels.


The situation is reportedly so stretched that the chief executive officer now take keen interest in ticket sales to tend to cost of aviation fuel.


Babalola is further alleged to be dodging sanctions based on strong rapport with top players at the NCAA that are giving him a bit of cover.


However officially reacting to the situation via enquiries papermacheonline, the platform that broke the story of  his outfit’s financial duress in October, Babalola replied ‘‘how is that possible? The ticket sales is not more than 5 million naira, so its very degrading to say I monitor the sales myself to fuel the planes


‘if we are having a financial difficulty, its expected because ours is a new company but we are not.’

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