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Monday, December 1, 2014.

'Egypt', Slum Across Winners Chapel Begins Annual Carnival Of Promiscuity & Related Vices As Shiloh Kicks Off
...Oyedepo renovates vital link roads to ease transportation.

'Egypt' is the street name given to the expanse of slum that provides residence for all manners of characters right across Winners Chapel, Ota Ogun state.

Winners Chapel is the widely bandied appellation for Living Faith Church World Wide, the christian ministry headed by celebrity preacher, Bishop David Oyedepo.

The goings on in 'Egypt' is a direct opposite of what obtains in Winners.

And a very clear window into this comparison is obtained at different events staged by the two worlds towards the end of the year.

Bishop David Oyedepo

Bishop Oyedepo and his Winners Chapel hold their annual Shiloh, about a week long event of teaching, healing and profound blessings for 'those with faith'.

The people of 'Egypt' stage a yearly Carnival of all what's not.

According to information available to, the Egypt crowd's conducts, carriage and dressing are as 'worldly' as the Winners Chapel's attendees are as religious.

Further revelations revealed while Winners Chapel usual host internationally acclaimed men and women of the word during Shiloh , Egypt's carnival parades individuals like fuji musician with hard core street following Remi Aluko, his female counterpart with massive sympathy in the underworld Tope Cinderella and darling of rugged characters, Tope Nautical.

More findings by have it that 'Egypt' is actually a den of societal castaways, but is able to maintain it's place directly opposite an institution like Winners Chapel because of street code that forbids men of the underworld from operating in or near their haven. It draws 'unwanted attention' to their refuge.

Insiders revealed the Carnival usual held while Winner's hold it's Shiloh programme is usual meant as a form relaxation for them.

'They don't rob or cause havoc..but you see all manners of gutter behaviours, weird dressing, hemp smoking and those uncoordinated beats they call music' a source explained.

Another provided further insight ' It is normal for worshippers to hear loud music and drunken hailing while prayer was on...there was a year Bishop Oyedepo was forced to address the congregation about their persistent shouts in the course of the programme'

A behavioural analyst explains away the Egypt/ Winners phenomenon 'what is happening is that they (people of Egypt) are staging an event that mocks the faith of people that view as better of than them..against a society that has abandoned them, it is a vital societal protest of sort...the significance of their action is in the a time they deem the world converge at Winners Chapel'

Information revealed preparation for this year's edition of Shiloh is on.

Here is a link for background -

As usual, arrangements to stage another Carnival of wanton pleasure at Egypt has kick started.

In a related development, sources in Ota Ogun state confirmed Bishop Oyedepo and his ministry is currently undertaking intensive renovation of link roads in that area.

Disclose a source 'deteriorated portions are being mended, repairs effected with placement of interlocking bricks in some parts' confirmed one of the road sections boosted with interlocking bricks repair is the key link junction known as Oju Ore.

The repair would in no small measure eradicate road condition induced notorious traffic that most times hold road users hostage in that part of town.

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