:: Cover Story... Thursday, March 9, 2017.

Double Domestic Accidents Force Governor To "Abandon" State Over Fear Of Juju
The fear of voodoo at work is said to have forced a state governor to semi relocate from his domain.

Sources claim the development is the fall out of double domestic accidents being read meanings into.

The state helmsman is said to have experienced a near fall in his office and had the door of a commissioner’s of knock him back barely days after.

‘’his people believe the incidents are beyond the ordinary and signs of he is giving his office environment and the state a bit of space’’ a source claimed gathered the state front man is said to be mostly in Lagos nowadays with important documents brought to him from his state.

The journey from his state to Lagos is said to be less than an hour.

How long the state chief executive officer who grabbed national headlines recently intends to stick to this play while his ‘’prayer warriors’’ eradicate perceived threats of juju remains unclear.
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