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Wednesday, November 5, 2013.

Dilly Motors Boss, Okwudili Umenyiora's 'Jogging' With Armed Back Up Causes Traffic Jam On Major Lagos Road.

Dilly Motors Boss, Okwudili Umenyora is back in the news.


The big spender and party sparkler returns on the crest of complaints against his conduct on a major Lagos road- the Lekki axis.


The auto dealer at war with his step father, Jerry Chukwuemeke (here is a link for background is accused of disrupting traffic flow.


Information obtained by and credited to kokofeed has it that in the spirit of keeping fit, the money dubbed Mr Extravagant in some quarters engages in road jogging.

But according to informants he does it in manner that inconvenience road users, especially motorists.


Mr Umenyiora is said to engage in the practice of running at the pace of slow run exercise with armed back up trailing him a vehicle.


This development, learnt, forces motorists to trail behind – and ultimately create a clog in vehicular movements while the lavish spender luxuriates in attempt at keeping fit.

The money man who created a stir in social circles with an of this world spectacle of his talk of the town home- and arresting cars-

 is said to undertake his road exercise ‘in the afternoon on weekdays’


According to kokofeed, some of the victims of Okwudili’s practise had a chance to vent their feelings when master comedian and exemplary friend of the needy, Alli Baba posted snap shots of the ‘jogger’on his instagram page with the comments ...’Remember him? Yes, he was jogging again... with full armed back up...’


Some of the reactions are reproduced as visuals decorating this page

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