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Saturday, October 1, 2014.

Dakova Campaigns For Political Support At Night Clubs

Gone out of circulation designer, David Kolawole Vaughan is staging a comeback.


But not via is claim to fame- cloth making.


Information filtering in has it that the once upon celebrity fashion power wants to take another shot in the field he has suffered serial defeat – and public beating, politics.


Dakova wants to vie for another elective post, and this time around he wants a bigger piece of the pie.


The ex leader in his field wants to is eyeing a senatorial slot.


And to show seriousness of purpose, the supposed friend of many who disappeared from the horizon after attempts make ends meet via hasty vocation as club manager turned to bite him is said to be attempting to reawaken old contacts.


He is said to be on prowl of the night clubs, holding meetings here and thee to shore up supports.

Sightings at Club Papas and Quilox – both A-listers favourites – have been recorded.


At these meetings, he is described as ‘passionately attempting to sell his candidature’ to those he was with.

Sources however claimed he doesn’t appear to have ‘full attention’ of his audience.


The once upon definition of style and amazing cuts had made futile attempts to clinch a State House of Assemble and Federal House of Representatives seat before now.


He undertaking is latest political adventure on the platform of the People’s Democratic Party.

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