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Thursday, December 18, 2014.

Company's Misfortune Pitches Seplat Chairman ABC Orjiakor, MD Austin Avuru Against Each Other. managers booted on allegations of fraud, staffers bank accounts under watch.

The operational misfortune afflicting Seplat Petroleum Development company is fast spiralling into a management crisis – and along with it casualties amongst the sfatters.


Here is a link to serve as window into the challenges facing the outfit -


Insiders revealed company’s spiralling performances have pitched major players at the organisation, ABC Orjiakor, the Chairman and Austin Avuru – the Managing Director against each other.


‘they are trading blames and trading to make a scapegoat of each other  for the present state of the company’ a source quipped.

ABC Orjiakor

The power pay is said to have become so intense that 3 top managers believed to have taken sides in the battle for control have earned the sack.


They were reportedly booted out under the cloud of allegations of fraud.


Information pieced together by from thecapital revealed ‘inquiries made into the company’s financial transaction for a specific time’ indicted the laid off managers as involved in ‘fraudulent acts and dirty deals’. however learnt the affected workers were sacked after they couldn’t be utilised to make charges of corruption against the primary target of a top shot stick.


Further revelations have it that the bank accounts of the remaining staffers at the oil company have been placed under watch to alert the company off extraordinary boost from possible fraudulent acts.


An insider however pointed out ‘how the two administrators of the company intend to effectively achieve that while remaining at logger heads with each other remain to be seen...there are two possible scenario for possible fraud in the company. 1, the culprits are backed by one of the shot callers or 2, smart staffers are utilising discord between the bosses to feather their nest...whichever is the case, the acrimony need to disappear for the company to move forward’.


According to the report by thecapital, part of the causes of ill feelings between the Chairman and the M.D have root in allegations ‘, Austin Avuru, is said to have launched into bitter complaints against Orjiakor high-handedness in the company. He is reportedly worried that his Orjiakor is becoming overbearing in the running of the company’

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