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Tuesday, October 4, 2014.

'Come on, Get Out Of My Way!' House Of Reps Minority Leader, Femi Gbajabiamila Brushes Off Ebola Sreener At Airport To The Consternation Of Onlookers.

‘Come on, get out of my way!’ was how minority leader of the Nigerian House of Representatives, Mr Femi Gbajabiamila brushed aside an Ebola screener from performing his official task on Saturday November 1 2014.


The treatment was a horrid new month gift from the federal lawmaker to the publicly humiliated airport worker.

Mr Gbajabiamila representing Surulere federal constituency was one of the

passengers that arrived from Abuja to Lagos aboard Arik Airline on the fateful day.

Witnesses confirmed he arrived luggage free, in the company of another male passenger who clutched a ‘travelling bag’.


According to an informant ‘ all passengers were screened on was a brisk procedure, the guy either put the screener by your hand or ear..most people stretched out their hands, and it was so fast that there was barely any noticeable break in passengers movement’


Information pieced together revealed while the bulk of the passengers he arrived with underwent the procedure, Mr Gbajabiamila spent time ‘gisting’ with his friend- with another male individual that joined them.


They reportedly spent about 3 minutes in quiet conversation before they dispersed and the lawmaker immediately headed for the gents.


‘He performed his shocking drama on the way out’ the source disclosed. learnt on his way out, as he made to pass the Ebola screener’s check point, the worker moved near the federal lawmaker with the respectful hailings ‘sir..sir..sir’


And the chieftain of political party, All Progressives Congress brushed him off with the utterances ‘ Come on! get out of my way’.


According to another witness ‘ the guy was rooted to the spot in confusion and humiliation..if not for his uniform and the equipment he was holding, you would have thought him a layabout attempting to hoodwink money off the lawmaker..and you know how busy airports are!’


Sources revealed the Minority leader attired in a light colour buba and sokoto just walked on without a second glance at the worker.


Gbajabiamila is said to be known face at the airport.


‘ He didn’t even care who was looking or whether there were people around’ another witness said.


Incidentally, the Federal House of Representatives which the law maker is an influential member of stridently called on border workers to be alive to their responsibilities at every entry points- particularly as regards the Ebola virus.


But for the gallant efforts of deceased doctor, Stella Adadevoh- and scientific approach of the Lagos state government- the nation might still be battling the scourge Liberian- American Patrick sawyer brought in when he sneaked past airport authorities with the dreaded Ebola virus.


The near fatal episode forced the nation on it toes and adoption of the screening approach, eye witnesses confirmed, Gbajabiamila humiliated one of those implementing.


‘i was shocked at the law makers conduct, i followed him a lot in the media and looked up to him as one of the good ones, but i guess reality is far different from television...he really disappointed me’ a witness sum up the lawmakers conduct.
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