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Tuesday, August 12, 2014.

Brouhaha On Social Media Over 9ice's House Of Representatives Ambition.

After months of talks and rumours, musician Abolore Akande more widely known as 9ice has declared his political ambition.

He wants to represent the people of Ogbomosho North/South/Orire Fed Constituency in Oyo state at the Federal House of Representatives.

He is looking at achieving his ambition at the next general election, 2015.

To show seriousness of purpose, his poster is out!.

But since this development the social media


has lit up.
A peep into the wider spectrum is obtainable in the reproduced brouhaha that raged within virile forum naijahottestgist.

House of Rep with 9ice???? It's not a music industry ooo!!! Anyways we wish him all the best but Eni ma momi inu apata, ogbodo wo enu ake

'Now 9ce - the Musician, has declared his ambition for the House of Representatives in Ogbomosho North/South/Orire Fed Constituency! Julius Agwu declared for Rivers State Governor! Who next????? Imama-Ganiyat'

'91ce irresponsible idiot who can't hold a marriage, this guy ambition is dead on delivery.'

'Its nice to have Nice in the affairs of this country! Its a welcome development, if young, intelligent, bravery and energetic Nigerians begins to stand up and get involve in serving this great country, the old folks thing, will soon be a thing of the past! ...Bimbo Johnson!'

'KSB for lagos house of assembly:D

'Pls pls fola it's takes 2 to make marriage work and it's not politics if u don't like 9ice is diff from this separate ur anger no who u re fighting,u ve not decker ur own ambition and if anyone does pls support and if u can't support the keep queue like turn by turn

'Hmmmm....tru but bimbo u can't wipe d old o@fola dts a bit harsh,marriage matter no n moimoi oooo.....yetty'

'Ha ha=> @ Fola, e wo ni ti ebu. Are you related to his ex wife ni?' Anu

'I am supporting all the new guys coming on one condition, it must be a fresh feeling not same of the same,91ce past anticident shows he does not have the character we are looking for to build the new Nigeria, House of Reps ko House of marriage nii'

'Despite the fact that I don't appreciate the "eebu" on 9ce, I am forced to accept that 9ce's status is going to be a factor to consider, excpet he get married again before then sha! Don't you wonder why most  female politicians get a "quickie" marria

'@fola... How could u say 9ice does not have a character we are looking for to build this nation!!! Don't talk like a dream killer abeg! Yg'

'@ Fola .. That's called hating  sky
Seun this your forum is a great one but you have people who are so uncouth and provocative and will make you say uncharitable words and be abusive. Social media is meant for interactive ideas and solid bonds and probably lasting friendship not for swearing and cursing. Maybe you should introduce punitive measures for defaulters.  How someone call nice 'irresponsible idiot'? Cos his marriage failed? Is that now a yardstick for measuring one's character and societal contributions?  So sad. Good morning all bonites and have a great and Ebola free day ahead.
segun arinze'

'@sky hate 9ice for what?@All my reasons for opposing him are simple and short we want a new beginning it must start with the kind of people we vote him, what have they done b4 and what did they do with the kind of success they have before, no more trial and error, when you think of them what comes to your mind chikena, I wish us all an Ebola free day as I leave this thread

'That is always our problem in nigeria! We want change and we keep condemning our own generation! We want women in power. Yet we the women will never vote a woman that stands for election because she's unknown or in a wrong party, we want youth yet we can't support a youth that stands election because he's unknown or have a character. Those old recycled crooks are worse and. We know their terrible and reckless handling of the country's affairs yet we go all out to. Retain them in power and groan for 4yrs. Why can't 9ce stand elections? What are his sins that can't be encouraged. As youth, we should partake in the polity and encourage those that are bold enough to do so. 9ce! Nice move. I wish you luck. Agboola Odunfa'

'@fola: fact- gbemi saraki was not married for 4years she was in house of rep and 8years in senate. Dimeji Bankole single when he won his seat and got married while he was in house of rep. And he rose to be speaker. What has marriage got to do with it. What you need is political clout and backing. Please let's remove our personal feeling from obvious facts. Tolu.
Fola, 9ice was the only artiste that performed at Madiba Mandela's birthday. That alone, is an outstanding achievement. 9ice was the first artiste to collect the highest 'show fee'. In short, 9ice's achievements in the music industry can not be swept under the carpet. He is an achiever and record breaker. Judging him by his marriage ordeal is nothing but 'Sheer Hatred'.... Akanni Ola Balogun'

'@All take it away from marriage, what is 91ce educational qualifications and what is the quality of thoughts he would put forward, All you supporting him because he is a great musician makes me laugh, if an Eldee wants to be house of Reps member I would vote him because of the quality of thots that comes from him, pls take a minute to Google 91ce and search for him and see what you will see, Nigeria surely deserves more than that from the house of Reps member.
@ Akanni record breaker which album and which fee, was p square, Tuface and dvanj dead at that time

'Good morning frnds,Fola shud apologies for his or her uncloutful,insultive,myopic,uncivilised verbosity on the character of nice;is it same fola of naija info @ fola,clarify?-Kondo Haram'

'@fola, fact: the Nigerian constitution does not include been married as a condition for qualification for election. If you want to introduce this condition because 9ice is contesting you are free to go and sponsor a bill to amend the constitution. For now, 9ice is absolutely qualified according to the laws irrespective of how our feelings about the man.  Tolu.'

'From his new point of defence, it won't be wrong to suggest that our dear Fola has got some scores t settle with Abolore Akande.All I know is that, no matter how much one tries in pulling down another, the Lord's will shall prevail!And, thanks to Seun for refusal to post my response to Akanni Balogun's last referal 2 me yesterday.Good morning all.Bode, Fanafillit'

'Guys can we ask for mind quality, vision quality, outstanding quality from those that aspire to lead the country and not media made quality please.let us,ask who and what makes 9ice a would be great leader

'@fola. How well do you  know 9ice? I see you as someone that is just seeking for unnecessary attention. Yemighty'

'@ Akanni ola.. To buttress your point, 9ice is first and only naija artiste to perform in 3 continents within 7 days in 2010.. Holland in Europe, Malaysia in Asia and New York in USA all in 7 days'

'Nice na my person, but I as a person don't subscribe to someone who cannot handle his home handle a larger home called his society, d elders days charity begins @ home. Just like Dino Melaye, mba. Abiola'

'@lolzz... @Fola, if you're asking me about how he broke 'fee record' now, then, you're a learner. Cheers!!.... Akanni Ola Balogun'

'@fola haba, don't condemn 9ice like that. Failure in marriage does not necessarily means the fault is from him naw. (It takes 2 to tangle)I think we should allow fresh blood into the system. That is my take. @all good morning did u all enjoyed the history class yesterday, it was fun. :D :D Agbekola Abiodun'

'I dont want to join issues on the qualification or otherwise of 9ice.  maybe we should allow him get party nomination first.  However, all these 'first' listed achievements are very suspect and debatable o (safe for him being the only Nigerian artiste that performed at Madiba's birthday). All other claims at performance, sales etc need to be verified o. Majek,  Femi, Kwam 1, Tuface,  Dbanj, Psquare, Wiz kid,  and recently Davido have broken some of the African record for performance o.  And when you talk of fees? Hmnnn.  I have once paid drank N8m for a 30mins performance for one of my client and I know Psquare and Asa had commanded $100k 2 years ago per show.  K1 may not have commanded that much performance fee but I have attended a show where people queued to spray cash in foreign currency that must be close to $300k. Again let us verify o.  It may interest you that Ayinla Omowura record in 1979 was the highest single sale by Premier music on the date of release. Let us be careful with facts o.

'I support 9ice's ambition as Lawmaker. Who amongst you heard the acceptance speech of the New Ebonyi State House of Assembly Speaker? Her grammatical blunders and inability to make a simple sentence correctly confirms her total lack of education and illiteracy. I personally saw and have followed 9ice's career from scratch. His development as an Artiste, and his improvement to speak well and all round. Fine,his marriage crashed, I blame the Media 70% for how a lot of you judge him from how he handled it. A man sang a song and mentioned 'giving my friend nodding while the door was Ajar" you media people speculated until you made your speculations reality amongst teeming fans and caused endless irreparable damage,to the marriage,and the man's career.Shame. I support 9ice's ambition so far he convinces us he knows what and why he's going there. Same as I will support Eldee,SoundSultan if they ever want to be President.

'@Fola I know your type, I just urge the lord to purify your soul and give you a wonderful marriage. You are very free to think 9ice will not be a good candidate but to call him irresponsible Idiot? Haba! Do you have the facts of his Seperation? I suggest she is made to apologize or removed from this forum. My 5 pence -Scott'

'@All I apologise if I call 91ce an idiot, but look at the facts he can't be a good house of Reps members chikena!

'@fola I think what you need is to know who 9ice is now and not what you think 9ice was base on what you hear ok,remember don't judge a book with the cover but the content. Tommysconcept'

'All these 9ce performed in 3 continents;A feat davido has done without noise. Nice perforemd for mandela.just like wiz kid featured rihanna. All these are barriers nigerians have broken artistically. But is artistic performance administrative performance?????.a brilliant medical doctor doesn't mean a brilliant medical director.what is nices performance record. Forget music. No be sing e wan go sing for dia.if he runs for counsellor in bariga will he win?.them sabi am for ogbomosho? He don share rice and keosene for ogbomosho? Who is gassing him? Akala? Is he broke and since music isn't happening for him. Like most nollywood hustlers are now doing music so politics is the next hustle? Let's leave sentiments. The same questions we ask politicians is what we shud ask nice. Abolore u don be class captain before. In coded tunes did u rise administratively or u just moved to form alapomeji when u made money.the family is the smallest unit of government. Abo how well have u managed your marriage?_papasam'

'Honestly I sees reasons with what Fola said although he took it too personal, how will u knw a responsible Man when he can't manage his house. Let him have a wife and come bk to media to show us he is a full grown man, nt a halfbaked like my culture refer to a Man witout a wife. We al see reason and plead wit Oyakhilome not to leave his wife cos he is a Pastor, dnt forget he is a Man like us who has feels and covered wit flesh. The only side I see is dat "you are popular doesn't make you the man of the people and you will deliever veriwell"that was Awo's advice towards Abiola who ignorantly feel a victim of politics. D'banj been youth ambassador is a waste of office to me wen Idris Abdulkareem swallow his pride and ambition to go back to farm and urge other Youth to do so. In Conclusion, let's check our flaws and correct our mistake before making ourself an object of ridicle in public.'

91ce is a fantastic guy, Great musician and all, but do my people know the work of a congressman is more difficult than even the executive.
Pls lets leave sent is en met, does 91ce have what it takes to look at Ngozi okonjo and ask fundamental questions or an Obanikoro about defence.
Pls I need 91ce supporters to tell us where we can read his views and thoughts on national issues such as the economy, insecurity and corruption, I just Google 91ce name and what I read is distasteful. I wish him luck and if he is what the ogbomosho people wants I wish them luck.
seun oloketuyi

'@Fola, na only u waka come this morning. Na your turn for tongue lashing today. Abeg, leave 9ice alone. It is his constitutional right to seek elective position and if he gets the nomination for his party, then all well and good. If you decide to judge him from his past, then be ready to judge almost all politicians already in the game too...and if we decide to open that can of worms...Hmmmm...I don't think most people you find in government today are 'Fit and proper' to even seek electoral position. So, let sleeping dogs lie. Just as many have said, it takes two to tango. Why do you think its 9ice's fault for the crash of his marriage. Please...mata wey don concern man and woman, any other voice, na 'stranger'. Only dem naim know wetin TRUELY happen. We can only speculate and throw aspersions, but the truth is; they just weren't compatible. Shikena. And both of them have moved on with their lives. Let's look at his Manifesto, his ability and Vision. That's my take. Goodmorning House'

'@Papasam, So many people have gone into space but that can never erase the name of Neil Armstrong. No matter what Davido or Wizkid does, they all did it after 9ice have broken the record. However, I am also going to pitch my tent with the fact that 9ice does not have the Charisma to be a leader. He left Koded tunez when they needed him the most - Pride. What is the outcome of the group he floated? I am a friend of Alapomeji Records. I know how Abolore treats his boys. He cannot manage anything atall. He was the first independent artiste to sign another artiste. But what is the outcome now? - Ego. Banky W did the same thing and he succeeded.  Whenever I visit them, one of his boys, Snow, used to narrate how 9ice treats them. There is difference between fame and being able to lead. You may be successful in your business, that doesn't mean you can venture into politics. Chris Brown is famous, can he lead?..... Akanni Ola Balogun'

'@ all.. Like Fola like papasam.. We know Their type. Leadership quality is in built.. Loads of celebrities left d showbiz world and made it in politics big time .. Ronald Reagan  Arnold Schwazeneger just to mention .. You don't have to have any experience be a good administrator.. It's a gift .. SKY'

I just read online about those 2 guys and it will intrest you that apart from being celebrities, they were well read and we're involved in community service.
I am not against celebrities going into politics but what has this celebrities done before that us the big question? can 91ce supporters send us his educational background and where we can see his views on national issues, I know the views of segun arinze, kabat essay, foluke Daramola, Gbenga Adeyinka and Charles no via on politics even k1 but with 91ce all I can see his few performances for both PDP and Apc at different times, he us a great performer but for those who really likes him should tell him to sell himself to us by letting us know him, I won't fall for anyone just because he or she is popular or is young but what are you bringing to the table, who has even read from that comedian called Lepacious Bose, it is difficult to fault her arguments and logical reasoning,91ce must come out to sell himself to us.
seun oloketuyi'

'@sky we. Make the mistake of comparing america to nigeria.and is quite alarming how we do it selectively and non judiciously.ronald regan has always been a politician. Arnold married into a political family.nice married a payne! Descendant of jao payne one of the greatest and unsung historians of lagos.he absconded from it. Cudnt manage the union. He went to the press prematurely on it. What is nice known for? Fighting. Ruggedman toni payne and linda ikeji.he needs image makers to really launder the image of abolore akande. Nice we know and love.but as regards administration.nada! Where is dehinde.what has he done in bariga?.its not enuff to come with a squad to smoke igbo at cms grammar school every december.even he confessed he was intimidated by the fact that he could perform at that crowd for can he stand to discuss or engage people on national issues. When u bring a village cat to chase away rats. In the city it wud spend most of the time admiring the beauty.the time to start sharing rice or sinking boreholes in ogbomosho is too late. Hell that idea is even played out.what strategies do his team posses.what is the level of nices intellect.what's his pedigree?not music o! We know he knows incantations but is that enough to win elections.he shud ask himself before we ask him.why does he want to run for public office? The cluster of people in this forum alone can sell him but is he sellabale?.what party?.is he serious of he is part of the chris okotie band of comedians.nice answer o! Or else he shud just partner with opa williams for year of a thousand laughs._papasam'

'The job of a legislator is not just administration Infact that is the least of his job. The legislature makes laws, act as a check to the executive and perform other oversight functions.  In performing these functions proffessionals accross all spheres of life is sought to give voice to why their profession should be legally regulated. They call for open meetings and interactions.  What are key requirement? Education. Education give you knowledge and ability to discern.  You can also read and understand.  Plus you can articulate your thoughts properly. You also need a platform.  The law of the land does not allow for independent candidature. You need to be grassrooted.  You must be known in your constituency to have been a voice.  If you are not known then your party must be that which can be trusted. Achievement. What have you done in your private capacity that towers you above your opponents in other parties.  Money. That needs no explanation right?  Especially in Nigerian politics alternatively you must have a good sponsor. Finally, a thick skin.  Your whole life will be investigated and discussed.  Lesser saints will run you down and capitalise on simple mistakes.  You must be ready for the heat in the kitchen. Let us mark Abolore on some of these.

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