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Monday, November 17, 2014.

Bayelsa Gov, Seriake Dickson Dumps Hard Core Loyalist, Hides Behind Support For President Jonathan's Re Election To Quell First Lady's Scheme To Replace Him.

Intrigues in the politics of Bayelsa state over alleged plot by First Lady, Dame Patience Jonathan to replace incumbent governor, Seriake Dickson is deepening by the day.


Fresh revelations revealed the embattled Governor has taken the fight to the source of the First lady’s influence, the Presidency.


Sources confirmed after talks with party chieftains and fellow governors – and securing support for his plight, the Governor has been

Seriake Dickson

advised to ‘show’ his support and ‘commitment’ for the President and ‘be assured’ antics against him will come to naught.


The move is interpreted to mean making nonsense of dummy sold to the President he is working against presidential interests.


The First Lady is reportedly presently prosecuting a replacement agenda against the Bayelsa Governor over allegations of disloyalty.


She is alleged to have gone as far as choosing a favoured candidate – Presidential aide, Owei Difada – to replace.


Digs however revealed the angst of the president’s wife stemmed from Governor Dickson’s rebuff of her ‘excessive’ interference in state affairs.


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More information revealed buoyed in confidence by stakeholders’ advice, Governor Dickson has publicly distanced himself from one of his hardcore supporters in the state, Speaker of the state house of assemble, Hon Kombowei Benson.


Benson had out rightly cautioned the President in interfering with politics of the state.


The speaker sees the all the actions of dame patience in the politics of Bayelsa state as a direct involvement of the President, since he finds it hard to control his wife.


President Jonathan is from Bayelsa state, while his wife, Dame Patience is from Rivers state.

Interestingly the same allegations against the First Lady creating rumpus in the politics Bayelsa state, as resulted in a do or die affair between the Governor of the state, Rotimi Ameachi and President Goodluck Jonathan.


Amaechi, one of the major powers in the PDP had moved to rival All Progress Congress and transformed one of the backbones of the APC over the development.


But without the strong political structure of governor Ameachi, the embattled Bayesla state helms man is attempting a compromise to cling on to his seat.


To show support for the President, he publicly distanced himself from his hardcore supporter and speaker of the state house of assemble, Kombowei Benson. And attempt at asserting independence.


The governor also took the additional step of threatening sanction against any other individual that tow similar path.


Some keen followers of event however claim the public distancing from speaker is all ‘just a show’.


According to a source ‘ Why would the governor forgo the support of such a key supporter like the speaker? The two are just playing to the gallery, attempting all they can to douse the threat of Dame Patience and curtail the inaction of President Jonathan....they understand it just for another term, so they are playing all the odds to come out tops’


However whether his ploy of open support safe the state front man from the clutches of dame patience remain to be seen, this is against the backdrop of increasing agitation to take over his job from the first lady’s supporters.
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