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Monday, November 17, 2014.

Anambra Gov, Willie Obiano, Deputy, Nkem Okeke In Deepening Fight Over Impeachment Plot.

There is a deepening fight in the top echelon of the Anambra state government.


Insiders confirm this development has placed the Governor, Willie Obiano and Deputy, Nkem Okeke on opposing side.


The root cause of the growing out proportion battle is age long cause, power and influence, all decorated with the embellishment, threats of impeachment.


Sources confirmed certain power brokers within the political circle of the state are not comfortable with actions the Governor Willie Obiano – and the conducts of his wife, Ebele.

Gov Willie Obiano

Here is a link for window into his wife’s attitude -


The governor is accused of going against agreements brokered while he was campaigning and running a one man show with government and party, All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA).


Insiders confirmed these influential individuals reached out to the Deputy Governor and the intrigues began.


Lobby of members of the state house of assemble was said to have reached the height of 12 signatures for an impeachment move before Mr Obiano was able to thwart it.


He traced the efforts to his Deputy.


According to a source ‘rather than move against his deputy right away, he went after the powers behind him....the fallout of the ongoing fight is the ongoing public persecution of money man Mr. Dozie Nwankwo and others’


Sources disclose Obaino is taking extra pain to go after Nwankwo because he is believed to have the clout and war chest to consistently launch attacks at his job.


Sources further confirmed because he doesn’t know how far the plot has spread, Obiano is been careful with an all out war with his deputy.


Sources confirmed on his part, Okeke is equally trying to stay the course of the impeachment ship.


‘the thing is, they both know with this development one person has to go for the other....but obiano is being tactical, he wants to go to the root of the threats, rout out the sponsors first before coming to engage the deputy governor’ an insider analysed.


However who comes top in the impeachment battle, remains to be seen.

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