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Sunday, December 7, 2014.

Akeem Shodehinde Again!, Pledges Cars For Loans To Survive!

Insider sources disclose to, the plight of once upon a time king of his terrain- Akeem Shodehinde is fast adopting a familiar story line many wished against.

The boss of shut down fun place, Movida is said to said to be shopping for loans at present.

And pledging his arrays of choice cars as collateral.

Revelations made to have it that the ailing player in the night life business is force to adopt this strategy in the face of mounting bills, with his source of revenue cut off.

Akeem Shodehinde

Ironically Mr Shodehinde has been in this present predicament more than once, he pulled through via groundswell support in each instance.

Shodehinde had announced the shut down of business place weeks back on the official premise of need to care of his health.

Insiders however assert in as much as health reasons can not be divorce from is decision, it has more too do with spiralling out of control business challenges.

Business had turned unusual for the flamboyant individual that brought so much colour and character to the night club business.

The general of the night club business - an appellation that serves as testimonial of his legendary exploits - became a change after his return from medical sojourn to India.

He adopted irregular ways that resulted in loss of key men, loyalists and confidence of family members - and clients.

Here are background links to developments that brought him to his present state.

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