:: Cover Story... Monday, February 27, 2017.

Again Major Sack Looms For Workers In Newspaper Companies
Information filtering in have it workers at newspaper companies are living in dread of another round of job loss.

Particularly primed to take this drastic decisions are three national newspapers.

There is the leader of the pack dubbed the highest selling.

There is the one labelled glamorous with heavy circulation on Sundays.

And there is the publication linked with a diminished in influence politician.

All the papers and others are battling floundering economic status.

‘’sales are not the same and the costs of operations ballooning by the minute’’ learnt.

Reduction in print run – numbers of printed copies, cuts in salaries and outright disengagements are said to be some of the severe measures already taken to battle dwindling economy of the newspaper houses.

‘’but things certainly didn’t get better for them, only worse with the economic situation’’ a source pointed out.

And now another round of sack looms reduce heavy salary load, in attempt to cut costs and ensure survival in face of tough economic climate.
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