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Husband Snatching Scandal Latest
Actress Mercy Johnson Waits For Church Verdict To Determine Marriage Plans

Mercy Johnson

Linda Okojie
Despite claims of husband snatching rocking her intending union to Prince

Odianosen Okojie, Actress Mercy Johnson is yet to give up on her wedding plans.

Information made available to revealed that the Kogi born make believe expert is in deep consulation with key stake holders in the affair, to determine whether to go ahead with the planned marraige or not.

Sources divulged that the most important in the elements at play is her church, Christ Embassy headed Pastor Chris Oyhakilome.

Insiders revealed that Mercy and the church authorities are presently weighing the legalities and other issues involved in the allegations made by Lovely Okojie- the wife of Prince Okojie.

Lovely alleged that Mercy is bent on snatching her husband from her. She claimed that she is legally married to Prince Okojie and they have two children.

Lovely also maintained that the marriage was legally contracted in Italy in year 2006 and provided wedding pictures to butress her point.

She further alleged that the wedding certificate is with Mercy's intending husband- that he is trying to play smart by serving her divorce papers, through her father!

Her allegations portrayed mercy as the one teleguiding Prince Okojie!

But the actress originally pencilled down to walk down the aisle with Okojie on August 27 2011 at Christ Embassy Oregun branch has maitained a stoic silence over the development.

This is against the background that Okojie was portrayed as a single guy and long term lover of the actress.

Fresh investigations into the scandal rocking the celebrated marriage to be revealed that, Mercy Johnson's silence is due to ongoing consultation with the church and other stake holders over the issue.

The church authority is said to be threadng carefully in it's involvement because, Lovely named Christ Embassy in her allegations against Mercy Johnson.

She inferred that the church refused to act when she furnished it's admnistrators with details of her wedding- incidentally she is a member of the same church based in Canada ( she currently resides in the country)

Informants however revealed that the church intends to make it's position clear- through Mercy's decison by the end of the week.

Aside the church stand- another major factor at play is consideration for whatever decision Mercy takes on her career.

Her handlers and others passionate about her growth in the movie industry are pressuring she calls off the wedding on the grounds that she is giving her prince charming time to go sort out his marital mess- claiming ignorance of all Lovely's assertions in the process.

The propagators of this line of acton believe such a move would endear her to fans and critics and safeguard her career.

Mercy is said to be weighing the advantages and disadvantages of such a move and awaiting the outcome of her consultations with the authority at Christ Embassy before going public with her decision on the planned marriage.

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