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Saturday, July 27, 2013.

Actress Funke Akindele, Estranged Hubby Kendo Lobby & Threaten Confidants, Friends From Leaking 'Confidential' Information
+increase moves to protect star's Image, marketing viability.

Victims of recently crashed marriage, Funke Akindele and estranged hubby, Kehinde Oloyede Almorouf ( Kendo) are particularly keen on keeping the world from feasting on details of their collapsed union.

And they have adopted extra steps to ensure this, outside of the 'wish away' stance.

Digs revealed the separated couple believe the best way to achieve this is by ensuring 'minimal leak of confidential informations by those who should know'.

And they have individually put strategies

Funke Akindele & Hubby

into play to ensure this.

Informants disclosed Funke and Kenny, along with their agents have embarked on a campaign of lobbying, cajoling and threatening of confidants and friends to stop the release of what is labelled 'confidential information' to the public- particularly the media.

Deep sources confirmed of threats of bodily harm from agents of the duo, especially the hubby over certain disclosures. Some of appeals and cajoles for the stories to stop. Others identify a few that have gone public, initiating propaganda for the 'hate stories and talks' to stop.

The 'stop the release of confidential information' strategy is reportedly being ply on the spring board of what is explained as 'the need to protect the ex number 3 wife's career'

Aside being the maker of movies of rare and positive reviews, and huge market acceptance- Funke has six lucrative endorsement deals to her name, with prospects of more to come.

Sources confirmed the 'seal off the information leak' approach was vigorously adopted, after the celebrated actress issued an official statement confirming the break down of the marriage of 14 months, and separation from controversial hubby.

Findings by  revealed the move appears to be working.

Insiders however insist for how long, remains to be seen.

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...the underground move to protect her endorsement deals

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