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Friday, August 2, 2013.

Actor Chidi Mokeme In Fresh Paternity Mess controversial birth wrecks lover, Habiba Abubakar's marriage.

Actor Chidi Mokeme is in a fresh paternity mess.

The dresser forced to accept responsibility for one of his love babies, Daniel solo at age 11 a not long ago has a new case to answer for.

He is accused of impregnating and refusing to accept the product of his alleged illicit affair with married woman, Habiba Abubarka.

Insiders revealed this is even after news of

Chidi Mokeme

the birth resulted in the millionaire hubby of his lover divorcing her. And taking over the 3 children the marriage produced.

Sources confirmed Habiba gave birth for Chidi Mokeme about 2 weeks ago in Saudi Arabia. And the baby named Chukwudi Mokeme.

Her attempts to make hidden lover and baby father Mokeme accept paternity are said to have been vehemently rebuffed.

He doesn't want to have anything to do with her again- resorting to phone messages and e-mails to relate with his baby mama turned estranged lover.

Insiders revealed the actor constantly linked with older and wealthy women also adopted the extra ploy of threats to release 'X-rated pictures , mails, and intimate texts messages' to discredit the alleged mother of his child and embarrass her and her children as part of move to create further distance between them.

He is said to be relying on the additional advantage of an interview by Habiba denying intimate relationship between the two of them not too long ago.

Friends of Habiba claimed the embattled baby mama did this to protect her marriage back then- and Chidi's image as well.

This was reportedly at a period they were having the affair under Mokeme's guise of helping Habiba recover about N15m swindled off her by fellow actor, Jim Iyke.

Insiders revealed with the collapse of her marriage staring her in the face, and 'loss' of her three children also thrown into the equation, Habiba is not taking any of that.

Sources claim she is currently exploring all means possible to make Mokeme accept paternity and live up to his responsibilities- especially to avoid the baby growing up with a ' whose the father's shroud over him'.

Part of the move is labelled 'plan to recant her romance denial interview and tell it as it is'

Opinions are however divided on the effectiveness of this move- with some looking forward to a fight that is as messy as it was intimate.

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