:: Cover Story... Wednesday, February 22, 2017.

88yr Old Popular Monarch, Saliu Adetunji’s Throne Faces Increased Threats As He Plays Love Abroad,Vacationing With Wives
88yr old Olubadan of Ibadan, His Royal Highness Saliu Ambali Adetunji is out of the country.

On vacation in London with his two wives according to details available.

And judging from pictures of the trip floating about, this is a trip filled with great love and affection.

The aged monarch has his hands full caring for his wives pictures show.

But it isn’t only the monarch that has his hands full.

His ‘’enemies’’ are busy as well working hard at unseating him from the throne back home.

The Olubadan faces serious opposition from ‘’Seriki chiefs’’ that includes Olalekan Fakunle, Adebayo Oyediji and Gabriel Kofoworola over the authenticity of his claim to the throne he occupies.

The oppositions had dragged Olubadan Adetunji, Governor Abiola Ajimobi, the state Attorney General and Commissioner for justice to court for installation of His Royal Highness Adetunji after the death of the immediate past occupier of the throne – Oba OdulanaOdugade.

While he leisure abroad with his wives, the court battle over the throne continued today.

And the opposition made a ‘’break through’’.

The court finally ordered the writ of summons for Oba Adetunji to be served on his ‘’counsel’’.

A move they have been trying to execute since last year.
People of the other side are said to be currently campaigning all over town with ‘’little victory’’ amidst claim it is just a matter of time the ‘’main prize’’ is in their grasp.
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